Toeni Namba
Birth Date
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Residence Kobe Residence
Family Saati Namba
Forty Namba
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First Appearance Chapter 10

Toeni Namba (ナンバー トゥエニー Nanbā Tūenī?) Activated June or July 1994 Toeni (or "Toni" in the Tokyopop translation) is Hitoshi's A.I. Program No. 20 (Nanbā Tōenī "Number Twenty"). He based her face on Kimika Aso, the breasts on Reiko Satou, her butt on Ai Iijima, and her legs on Chisato Moritaka, giving her the measurements of 86-59-88 cm (34½"-23½"-35"). However, despite the fact she worked, she teased him a little too much, and though the teasing was good-natured he couldn't handle it in addition to the pressures of school, so he stored her away. When she comes into the story, she immediately tries to seduce Hitoshi and attempts to force Saati to leave but her efforts ultimately fail and she gives up on him. Her personality is incredibly shallow throughout most of the series. As the conclusion of the series approaches, however, her personality changes to that of a comforting big sister for Saati and Forty. This change is also apparent in her facial expression, which becomes progressively softer. Due to another freak lightning accident Toeni is also brought into the real world, where she too stays with Hitoshi just like Saati (who refers to Toeni as onee-sama, the Japanese term for "big sister").



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