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A School Club is a club based and operated within a school (be it Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School or University) by school students in Japan. Such clubs include sports teams, groups that partake in musical, traditional or modern pop-cultural practises, or groups that simply share an interest.

In order to form a club, a student must prove that there is a interest for the club amongst the school populace and they must find a faculty member who is willing to sponser it.

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  • In Japan clubs can meet every school day (Monday to Friday) and often on weekends too, where they are often overseen or vouched for by their faculty sponser. During the week, club attendance can run from when school finishes (4:00pm) up until 6:00pm in winter, 6:30pm in summer, (some clubs even meet at 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning before school starts at 8:00).
  • Generally there are two kinds of school clubs, one is known as an "interest group"; which are allowed to meet at school but they receive no club-oriented funds from the school, and an "actual club"; which recieves school funds and is officially recognized on the school charter.

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