Sailor-man is a recluse Otaku with a fixation for perverted Dating Simulation video games.

A social inept who goes by the screen name "Sailor-man", he spends his time collecting anime/manga paraphernalia and playing hentai Dating Sims. While exploring Cyberspace, Forty Namba enters the game Super High School Girls 2 within Sailor-man's cyber domain.
Mistaking her for a bonus character, Sailor-man attempts to "finish the game" with Forty and traps within the game when she refused. While Saati Namba enters the game as well in an attempt to help, Hitoshi Kobe manages to trick Forty into transforming into a boy. After escaping from the computer, Forty forcefully cleans the otaku's room, wiping his collection of computer pornography in the process.


Other AppearancesEdit

Main Article: Kimiaki Shirai

In Love Hina, another otaku with a specific fixation with Magical Girls appears named Kimiaki Shirai. Friend of the series' main character, Keitaro Urashima, Shirai bears an uncanny resemblance to Sailor-man and it is thought that these two are either the same character or that Shirai is at least based off of Sailor-man's design.


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