Saati Namba
Aliases A.I. Program No. 30
Birth Date April 6th, 1994
Zodiac Sign
Blood Type
Residence Kobe Residence
Affiliations Menjō High School
Family Toeni Namba
Forty Namba
Occupation Student
Likes [[]]
Voiced by
First Appearance Chapter 1

Saati Namba (ナンバー サーティ Nanbā Sāti) is the thirtieth Artificial Intelligence program created by Hitoshi Kobe in his desire to create the perfect girlfriend.

Through a freak lightning accident she becomes a real woman and becomes Hitoshi's live-in girlfriend.


She loves Hitoshi and is very loyal and supportive of him, although a bit naïve, which does lead to frequent problems with Hitoshi. The most notable of which is that when she cooks meals she has the tendency to make them look exactly like the picture, regardless of the taste (having no taste buds), using everything from paint to colored markers until she receives a program upgrade that allows her to taste.


Character DesignEdit

Saati's thick eyebrows is a trait Ken Akamatsu admitted to liking in women, citing Sae Isshiki and Jennifer Connelly as examples.

Saati's hair uses number 51 tone. It is said that they had to use 30 sheets nearly every time to tone it.

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Other AppearancesEdit

Love HinaEdit


Saati appears alongside Hitoshi in the Love Hina anime series as the main character of the A.I. Love You manga series created by Ken Akamatsu.


  • Saati has appeared in a promotional image alongside fellow female leads Naru and Mai (from Love Hina and Itsudatte My Santa!, respectively).


  • Saati claims that her favourite food is rice, her favourite colour is Yellowish-Blue and her hobby is calculating Pi.
  • Saati's family name "Namba" (難波), which is properly pronounced "nanpa" ("whirlpool").
  • Saati's body measurement's are 82-58-85 cm (32¾"-23"-34").
  • Hitoshi and Saati attend class 2-C.

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