"What is a Puppy? Is it tasty?"
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Puppy was a five-month-old puppy dog that Saati Namba and Hitoshi Kobe found while returning home from the library. Concerned that it would get hurt if it wandered the streets alone, and personally yearning for a pet to take care of, Saati convinced Hitoshi to take it home.

Tending to their new-found pet for three days, Hitoshi and Saati finally discovered a lost-and-found flier for Puppy and opted to return her home the following day. However, that afternoon when Puppy ran across the road to greet the pair as they returned home, she was hit by a passing car.
Mortally wounded and not expected to survive the night, Saati unconsciously activated one of her Program Options to accelerate the puppy's healing while she slept. Miraculously healed, Saati was non-the-less forced to return Puppy to her proper owners the next day. As a result, Saati experienced mixed emotions for the first time in her life; not wanting to let Puppy go but doing so anyway so that she could be with her family.



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