Nagano (長野市 Nagano-shi) is the capital city of Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The city is most famous for containing various landmarks from the feudal Warring States era of Japan, such as the Zenkō-ji; a 7th-century Buddhist temple that overlooks the city, and the historic site of the Battles of Kawanakajima which has been converted into parkland. A million tourists visit Nagano annually.

Matsushiro, the former castle town of the Sanada clan, is also located in the southern part of the city. The town retains an historic atmosphere, preserving many samurai residences, temples, and gardens of the feudal period, including the remains of the castle and mansion of feudal Lord Sanada Jumangoku.




  • Nagano hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics and the Paralympics as well as also hosting the 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
  • The Nagano prefecture contains the point furthest from the sea in the whole of Japan - this point lies within the city of Saku.
  • Zenkō-ji is perhaps most famous for its involvement in the battles between Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen in the 16th century, when it served as one of Kenshin's bases of operations. Currently, Zenkō-ji is one of the last few remaining pilgrimage sites in Japan.

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