Ma-kun is an advanced Artificial Intelligence created by Yayoi Kobe and a team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Contained within a Tamagotchi unit, Ma-kun is usually found hanging around Yayoi's neck. He assists the energetic teen in various ventures as a friend and guide.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Contained within a Tamagotchi unit, Ma-kun has an independant power source to sustain himself. In contrast to the A.I. girls who require the Spartacus 5568 to sustain themselves.
When in Cyberspace, Ma-kun's avatar is that of an adult male with long hair and a trench coat. As part of a series of "Offensive Maneuvers", Ma-kun possesses a gun powerful enough to harm advanced viruses like Spider Zero.

Ma-kun has a very calm, cool and collected personality. It is indirectly implied that Toeni and he continue on to have a relationship after the conclusion of the series as she is seen wearing him around her neck in the final chapter, and in the epilogue.



Other AppearanceEdit

Love HinaEdit

  • Ma-kun makes a cameo in Love Hina on the splash page of Chapter 71.


  • Akamatsu had a hard time coming up with Ma-kun. Using Lefty from the manga Parasyte as a reference point and basing the idea of Tamagotchi as a reference point, Akamatsu designed Ma-kun as a foil for Yayoi's loud and energetic personality.
  • The display screen on Ma-kun's tamagotchi unit displays various words such as the time, loading screens and various words that emphasis whatever point he intends to make.
  • Ma-kun is able to drag himself short distances by using the little arms attached to his tamagotchi unit.
  • Due to his programming, Ma-kun is unable to tell a lie.

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