Hitoshi Kobe
Aliases Kobe-Baby, "Porn Boy"
Birth Date June 5th, 1978
Zodiac Sign
Blood Type
Residence Kobe Residence
Affiliations Menjō High School
Family Yayoi Kobe
Kikuko Kobe
Occupation Student
Likes Astronomy Club
Voiced by
First Appearance Chapter 1

Hitoshi Kobe (神戸 仁 Kōbe Hitoshi) is a high-school underachiever at Menjō High School in Tokyo. Living alone in his family's house, one of Kobe's few strengths is his ability to program, which he uses to create programs of his own design with Artificial Intelligence.

Motivated by a desire to have a girlfriend he creates more and more advanced A.I. programs to serve this purpose until one accidentally comes to life.



Character DesignEdit

Hitoshi was based on a friend of Ken Akamatsu's from university.

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Other AppearancesEdit

Love HinaEdit


Hitoshi appears alongside Saati in the Love Hina anime series as the main character of the A.I. Love You manga series created by Ken Akamatsu.

Negima! Magister Negi MagiEdit


While musing on Chachamaru's developing sentience and feeling for Negi Springfield, Satomi Hakase mentions a brother and sister team in M.I.T. who had developed an A.I. with feelings.
This brother and sister was Hitoshi and Yayoi Kobe.


  • Hitoshi's "adult collection" consists of 140 magazines, 53 hentai games and 86 videos. All of which were found by Saati.
  • Hitoshi and Saati attend class 2-C.

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