Hitoshi's Personal Computer is the computer setup owned and run by Hitoshi Kobe from his home in Tokyo. Using a PC-98 as his primary terminal, Hitoshi's setup includes a 100MB harddrive, a MACSE for controlling Midi files operated by an English 4.0 system and a 14400BPS modem.
The main terminal is actually connected to the larger and more powerful Spartacus 5568 super computer residing within the residence's basement. Due to this Hitoshi is able to run advanced programs that would normally far exceed the capabilities of the terminals he has and runs in his room.

Concept DesignEdit


Hitoshi's computer setup was based on Akamatsu's own computer at the time; a model PC-98VX4, with a CPU of 286 (8MHz) and a 1000MB Hard Disk. The monitor of the computer was broken and booting up took at least one and a half minutes. The modem was 2400bps and the printer ran on thermal-paper.



  • Directly linked to an electronic network, the A.I. girls use this computer to enter Cyberspace by physically "diving" into the terminal screen and similarly diving out to exit Cyberspace.
  • Following a spat where Saati believed that Hitoshi liked Toeni more than her, Saati dove into and hid within Hitoshi's computer terminal until she realised that he didn't actually like Toeni more than her.
  • In order to keep the A.I. girls in existence, Hitoshi has to keep his computers running 24/7.

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