Hito Natsu no Kids Game (ひと夏のKIDSゲーム Hito Natsu no KIDS Gēmu) (One Summer’s Kids Game) is a short manga work and debut piece by Ken Akamatsu.

The manga was published on September issue of Kodansha’s Magazine Fresh on September 10, 1993. The manga was re-published on 20 May 2001.
The manga was Akamatsu’s first manga work to be published by a mainstream manga magazine. The awards that the work received not only encouraged Akamatsu to become a manga artist but also drew attentions from manga editors. Akamatsu was inspired by the plans of manga editors and was led to the creation of his next work A.I. Love You.


During summer vacation, a high school student named Shinya Matsumoto unexpectedly encounters a car accident which results in a mother and son being taken to a hospital. The son, Daisuke Kirishima, is completely fine while his mother, Reiko Kirishima, must stay in the hospital for three weeks and is unable to look after her son.
Reiko’s younger sister, Yuki Kirishima, who turns out to be Shinya’s classmate, must take care of her nephew but faces the problematic situation of there being no place for Daisuke to settle down.
Shinya offers his house for Daisuke to live and Yuki visits his house on a regular basis to care for him during the summer.

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  • The manga title literally means "One summer's kids game" but the original title was 夏休みだけのペアレンツ (Natsuyasumi Dake no Pearentsu), which means "Summer vacation only parents". The original title was eventually rejected for being criticized by the editors.
  • The manga won the 50th Freshman Manga Award and Special Jury Award (1993).
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