Cynthia McDougal
Aliases Cindy
Birth Date 1981
Zodiac Sign
Blood Type
Occupation Student
Likes [[]]
Dislikes Computers
Voiced by
First Appearance Chapter 42

Cynthia "Cindy" McDougal (シンシア・マクドゥガル Shinshia MakuDōgaru) is a Japanese-American teen idol who ran away from home to her mother's homeland because of her dysfunctional relationship with her father, the CEO of IBN.



She was attempting to buy the most expensive PC in a computer store in Akihabara in an attempt to regain contact with her father, when Hitoshi, who was in the same store she visited, recommended a simpler model. Choosing Hitoshi as her computing teacher, soon after he helps her with her phobia, she develops romantic feelings for him and flirts with him in front of Saati to the point of an tug-of-war that knocks him out cold. When they learn that Cindy wants to overcome her acute technophobia in order to write a combined apology/birthday e-mail, both of them help her finish the job, with Saati becoming the "computer fairy" in order to find her father's e-mail address.

Later on, she transfers to Hitoshi's class, and even admits to the class that she likes guys like him.

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Love HinaEdit

While Cynthia herself does not appear, another character, Sarah McDougal, bears her family name. It is unknown wether the two characters are directly related or not.


  • Cynthia's email address is
  • Sometimes Cynthia's father names IBN's products after his daughter, in Itsudatte My Santa!, Santa receives a CINDY-2000 Full Tower computer made by IBN from his parents.

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