A.I. Love You volume 8 is the eighth of eight manga volumes that make up the A.I. Love You manga series. Containing seven chapters, this volume introduces Hitoshi Kobe and covers the transformation of Saati Namba from an Artificial Intelligence into a real girl.

Originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine (#18 - #25), these chapters were collected and published in 8 tankōbon volumes by Tong U Comics. An English translation of the series was published by Tokyopop five years later, beginning in February, 2004, with Ken Akamatsu creating new cover art and illustrations for the books. A French translation was also created by Pika Editions.

Program 49. I Love Toeni!Edit

A year before the emergence of Saati, Hitoshi Kobe creates A.I. Number Twenty.

Characters Hitoshi KobeToeni NambaHitoshi's ParentsYayoi KobeA.I. Program No. 30 BetaForty NambaSaati Namba
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Personal ComputerA.I. Program No. 3Program OptionsLaptop Computer
Locations Kobe ResidenceKujūkuri Beach

Program 50. Forty's FeelingsEdit

With Saati and Toeni otherwise occupide, Forty attempts to run the house for a day.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms Maintenance DayBearDating SimulationHyper Program OptionsSekihan
Locations Kobe ResidenceTokyo

Program 51. The Girl with the Inferiority Complex (part 1)Edit

Hitoshi's sister arrives to take him to America to live with the rest of his family.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaYayoi KobeCynthia McDougalToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms Ma-kunMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Locations Narita International AirportKobe Residence

Program 52. The Girl with the Inferiority Complex (part 2)Edit

In an effort to convince Yayoi to go home by herself, Hitoshi takes her to a hot spring resort.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaYayoi KobeToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms Ma-kunMiss Hot Springs ContestYukataHot SpringsBraHyper Program OptionsReality Module
Locations Degarashi Hot SpringsKobe Residence

Program 53. Reality Transformation PanicEdit

Yayoi attempts to create her own A.I. and give it life.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaYayoi KobeToeni NambaForty NambaSpider Zero
Items and Terms A.I. Program No. 0Hitoshi's Personal ComputerArtificial IntelligenceMa-kunReality Module
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 54. Take HeartEdit

Hitoshi and his friends attempt to stop the rampaging Spider Zero before he destroys the world.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaSpider ZeroToeni NambaForty NambaYayoi Kobe
Items and Terms Ma-kunVirusHitoshi's Personal Computer
Locations Kobe ResidenceCyberspace

Program 55. Don't Say GoodbyeEdit

Saati confronts Spider Zero one last time.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaSpider ZeroYayoi KobeToeni NambaForty NambaKikuko KobeKimika AsoNittaTakako MiyaharaMisako TakemotoYuko WatanabeBilly-GCynthia McDougal
Items and Terms Ma-kunA.I. Program No. 31Bear
Locations CyberspaceMenjō High SchoolNarita International AirportKobe Residence



  • In Program 53. Reality Transformation Panic, while seeing the hidden basement in the Kobe Residence, Forty Namba comments that it's just like NERV. NERV is a secret organization from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelian.
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