A.I. Love You volume 5 is the fifth of eight manga volumes that make up the A.I. Love You manga series. Containing seven chapters, this volume introduces Hitoshi Kobe and covers the transformation of Saati Namba from an Artificial Intelligence into a real girl.

Originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine (#18 - #25), these chapters were collected and published in 8 tankōbon volumes by Tong U Comics. An English translation of the series was published by Tokyopop five years later, beginning in February, 2004, with Ken Akamatsu creating new cover art and illustrations for the books. A French translation was also created by Pika Editions.

Special Program: The Inevitable Ocean Route to Hawaii! Edit

Spending the day at the beach, Hitoshi, Saati, Toeni and Forty enter a couples competition for the chance of winning a free vacation to Hawaii.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms The Great Couple ContestNinin-baoriProgram OptionsWatermelonVolleyballSwimsuit
Locations Kujūkuri Beach

Program 32. From Cheers to Heartbreak?Edit

When Toeni starts going on depression binges after being repeatidly turned down by boys, Hitoshi and Saati attempts to cheer her up with a mock-date; with Saati.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty NambaSatoo
Items and Terms TanukiHyper Program OptionsBeer
Locations TokyoKobe ResidenceMy CityCafeBeer Garden

Program 33. Hurting Her Little HeartEdit

Hitoshi attempts to help a classmate save some school computer files but all may not be what it seems.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaNittaToeni NambaForty NambaYuko WatanabeYuko's Virus
Items and Terms Laptop ComputerHyper Linking SystemHitoshi's Personal ComputerFloppy DiskProgram OptionsComputer Virus
Locations Menjō High SchoolKobe ResidenceCyberspace

Program 34. Please, Tell Mee You Love Me!Edit

In an attempt to win at a Dating Simulation game, Hitoshi employs Forty's assistance.

Characters Hitoshi KobeForty NambaMikiko MisakoMiyukiKayoMina OkashinaSaati Namba
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Personal ComputerPrivate MemoryDating SimulationHyper Linking System
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 35. Class is in Session!!Edit

The girls attempt to "cure" Hitoshi of his attraction to perverted objects.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms BraAdult MagazineDating SimulationThe Tally-Whacker WhackerUnderwearPeeping Tom
Locations Kobe ResidenceMenjō High School

Program 36. It's Been a While... I Miss YouEdit

Concerned over wether the other will get them a present, Hitoshi and Saati have an arguement on Christmas Eve.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms ChristmasKnittingManta RayHitoshi's Personal ComputerDating SimulationLaptop ComputerCosplay
Locations Kobe ResidenceAkihabaraTokyo

Program 37. Unforgivable ThingsEdit

Attempting to film a porn tape involving Hitoshi and Saati, Toeni and Forty instead discover a curse within the Kobe Onsen.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty NambaKikuko KobeHitoshi's UncleBlack Cat
Items and Terms Yukata
Locations AomoriKobe Onsen



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