A.I. Love You volume 4 is the fourth of eight manga volumes that make up the A.I. Love You manga series. Containing seven chapters, this volume introduces Forty Namba.

Originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine (#18 - #25), these chapters were collected and published in 8 tankōbon volumes by Tong U Comics. An English translation of the series was published by Tokyopop five years later, beginning in February, 2004, with Ken Akamatsu creating new cover art and illustrations for the books. A French translation was also created by Pika Editions.

Program 25. Please, Touch Me!Edit

While showing them to the girls, Hitoshi's old A.I. programs gain physical form and begin to run amuck in Tokyo.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaA.I. Program No. 1A.I. Program No. 5A.I. Program No. 6A.I. Program No. 10A.I. Program No. 13A.I. Program No. 28A.I. Program No. 29
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Personal ComputerCockroachArtificial IntelligenceAssemblyFloppy DiskAnti-A.I. Delete Machine Mk IAnti-A.I. Delete Machine Mk IIProgram Options
Locations Kobe ResidenceTokyoNewcosmo Arcade

Program 26. The Third Man?!Edit

Wishing to have a younger sibling, Saati and Toeni hijack Hitoshi's latest A.I., however they don't which gender to make it; a boy or a girl?

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaA.I. Program No. 40Forty Namba
Items and Terms Reality ModuleHitoshi's Personal Computer
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 27. The Gloomy ExperienceEdit

Hitoshi and the girls discover Forty's ability to change gender.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Personal ComputerHyper Program OptionsProgram OptionsBearReality Module
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 28. Boy's Day or Girl's DayEdit

Hitoshi attempts to celebrate Boys' Day with Forty, however, Toeni has other plans.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty NambaThe Prince
Items and Terms KoinoboriBoys FestivalHina MatsuriHina NingyoReality ModuleHyper Program OptionsKimono
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 29. Her First ErrandEdit

While visiting the bank to pay for Saati's overdue bills, Forty travels the internet and becomes trapped in a Dating Sim.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaForty NambaSailor-man
Items and Terms Dating SimulationSuper High School Girls 2Floppy Disk
Locations Kobe ResidenceWhale BankCyberspaceShibuya

Program 30. Love Makes You Think Too MuchEdit

Forty goes to school and experiences his first crush with his home-room teacher.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaForty NambaMisako TakemotoKenichi NakamuraToeni Namba
Items and Terms Hyper Program Options
Locations Menjō High SchoolKobe ResidenceNarita International Airport

Program 31. Child's PlayEdit

When Hitoshi voices a longing for his parents, Saati attempts to be his mother; literally.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaForty Namba
Items and Terms Cockroach
Locations Kobe Residence



  • In Program 25. Please, Touch Me! as Saati and Toeni embark to capture the rampant A.I.s Hitoshi thinks "Good luck, Angels." which is a catch phrase from Charlie in Charlie's Angels.
  • In the same chapter, when they embark Toeni exclaims "It's A.I. bustin' time!", which is a call out to the slogan "It's ghostbustin' time!".
  • In Program 27. The Gloomy Experience, Hitoshi muses over Forty's split-personality, calling it a "Ranma Complex"; a call-out to the manga series Ranma 1/2.
  • Many of Sailor-man's decorations are parodies of the anime series Sailor Moon.
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