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A.I. Love You volume 3 is the third of eight manga volumes that make up the A.I. Love You manga series. Containing seven chapters, this volume introduces Hitoshi Kobe and covers the transformation of Saati Namba from an Artificial Intelligence into a real girl.

Originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine (#18 - #25), these chapters were collected and published in 8 tankōbon volumes by Tong U Comics. An English translation of the series was published by Tokyopop five years later, beginning in February, 2004, with Ken Akamatsu creating new cover art and illustrations for the books. A French translation was also created by Pika Editions.

Program 17. Saati's CrisisEdit

After she falls for a Pyramid Scheme ploy, Toeni attempts to locate the con-artists responsible but diappears within their network. Now Saati must follow after her and bring her back before she is destroyed.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaBilly-GCon Artists
Items and Terms Pyramid SchemeHitoshi's Personal ComputerComputer WormHacking
Locations Kobe ResidenceCyberspaceSmiley Smile Enterprises

Program 18. Death TrapEdit

Trapped within the network of hacker Billy-G, Saati must face the virus Peter 4 in order to save her sister and herself from deletion.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeniBilly-GPeter 4Con Artists
Items and Terms HackingProgram Options
Locations CyberspaceSmiley Smile Enterprises

Program 19. Aiming for A.I.Edit

Saati is kidnapped by Billy-G, Hitoshi and Toeni must find her before he copies and alters her programming.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaBilly-GCon ArtistsPeter 4
Items and Terms Floppy DiskProgram OptionsEMP Device
Locations Kobe ResidenceTokyoSmiley Smile Seminar

Program 20. A.I. Memory... Please Come Back!Edit

Saati's memory has been altered by Billy-G, who has discovered the secret to giving physical forms to A.I. programs.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeniBilly-GXenobiaCon Artists
Items and Terms Floppy DiskA.I. Program No. 31
Locations TokyoKobe ResidenceSmiley Smile Seminar

Program 21. Beware of Sudden Data CollectionEdit

After catching a glimpse of Saati's abilities, Hitoshi and Saati comes under the attention of school photojournalist Takako Miyahara, who intends to discover what Saati really is and reveal it in her newspaper.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaTakako MiyaharaNittaPanty Thief
Items and Terms School NewspaperProgram Options
Locations Kobe ResidenceMenjō High School

Program 22. A Day with PuppyEdit

Saati finds a lost puppy while in Tokyo and takes care of it, but once the real owner is found she must decide wether or not she is willing to let it go.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaPuppy
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Personal ComputerProgram Options
Locations Kobe ResidenceTokyo

Program 23. On a Holy NightEdit

Toeni attempts to set up a special night for Hitoshi and Saati on Christmas.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni Namba
Items and Terms ChristmasProgram Options
Locations TokyoKobe ResidenceGreston Hotel

Program 24. A Snowy Night in the MountainsEdit

Hitoshi, Saati and Toeni spend a holiday at Hitoshi's Uncle's ski resort where Hitoshi's cousin, Kikuko Kobe, starts making trouble for Saati.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaSaati NambaKikuko KobeHitoshi's Uncle
Items and Terms SkiingMonkeysProgram Options
Locations Kobe Onsen



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