Cover of A.I. Love You volume 2 by Tong U Comics


A.I. Love You volume 2 is the second of eight manga volumes that make up the A.I. Love You manga series. Containing seven chapters, this volume introduces Toeni Namba and further developes Hitoshi and Saati's relationship.

Originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine (#26, #27, #29 - #35), these chapters were collected and published in 8 tankōbon volumes by Tong U Comics. An English translation of the series was published by Tokyopop five years later, beginning in February, 2004, with Ken Akamatsu creating new cover art and illustrations for the books. A French translation was also created by Pika Editions.

Program 8. Happy (or Unhappy) BirthdayEdit

With his birthday coming, Hitoshi tries to inform Saati with the intention of finally being able to celebrate it with someone. However, Saati, developing further as a human, is beginning to act secretive and Hitoshi begins to believe that she has a new boyfriend.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaKimika Aso
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Sweater
Locations Menjō High SchoolKobe ResidenceTokyo

Program 9. The Good LifeEdit

Hitoshi has Saati take lessons from a famous chef to improve her cooking skills.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaSaati's Cooking Teacher
Items and Terms CookingLaptop ComputerCurry RiceCup Noodles
Locations Kobe ResidenceCooking Teacher's House

Program 10. The Lady Who Causes StormsEdit

After Saati innocently grows mold in Hitoshi's office, Hitoshi discovers a floppy disc containing A.I. 20, an Artificial Intelligence he had developed before Saati.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaYayoi KobeToeni Namba
Items and Terms MoldHitoshi's Personal ComputerAdult MagazineFloppy Disk
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 11. She's a Real Hottie!Edit

Toeni indruces herself and attempts to help with the apartment's leaking problem while also identifying Saati as her rival for Hitoshi's attentions.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni Namba
Items and Terms CockroachAssemblyCBWH Measurements
Locations Kobe Residence

Program 12. The Poolside KissEdit

Toeni attempts to "win" Hitoshi back from Saati at the school pool.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni Namba
Items and Terms Swimming
Locations Kobe ResidenceMenjō High School

Program 13. Love TriangleEdit

Toeni's revelation that Hitoshi had asked her to be his girlfriend before Saati drives Saati to return to Hitoshi's computer.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni Namba
Items and Terms Hitoshi's Personal Computer
Locations Menjō High SchoolKobe Residence

Program 14. Saati vs. ToeniEdit

Toeni kidnaps Hitoshi and challenges Saati to take him back at the port-side amusement park.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni Namba
Items and Terms
Locations Odaiba Amusement Park

Program 15. Mountain HappeningEdit

Hitoshit takes Saati and Toeni to the mountains for a stargazing night.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaKimika Aso
Items and Terms Astronomy ClubSummer VacationStargazingSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemFishingHot SpringsComet Shoemaker-Levy 9
Locations Kobe ResidenceMountain LookoutKimika's Summer Home

Program 16. A Wish Upon a StarEdit

Forced into a photo competition that will decide the fate of his and Saati's Astronomy club, Hitoshi must take the perfect picture of Jupiter with only an old telescope and a disposable camera.

Characters Hitoshi KobeSaati NambaToeni NambaKimika Aso
Items and Terms Astronomy ClubStargazingKimonoCockroachComet Shoemaker-Levy 9
Locations Mountain LookoutKimika's Summer Home



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