This timeline follows the events of the A.I. Love You manga.



1939 - 1945Edit

  • World War II


  • March 14th: Jinjou Elementary School shuts down due to lack of funds. Sayo Ishihara is unable to hand out her students' graduation diplomas but dreams of one day tracking them down and handing them over.


  • Sayo Ishihara's (85) husband of 69 years dies.







  • April 6th: A.I. Program No. 30 is given physical form by a lightning bolt.
  • April 9th: Saati and Hitoshi go on a date after researching on what do to during one.
  • April 29th - May 5th: Saati is attacked by the Peter 4 virus.
  • June 5th: Hitoshi receives a jumper made by Saati for his birthday.
  • June: Saati learns to cook curry.
  • July: A.I. Program No. 20 is given physical form by a lightning bolt.
  • July 17th: Saati, Hitoshi and Toeni observe and photograph fragment D of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashing on Jupiter.
  • September: Billy-G encounters, kidnaps and copies Saati.
  • December 24th: Toeni sets Saati and Hitoshi up with a private hotel room for Christmas
  • December: Hitoshi, Saati and Toeni spend Winter Vacation at his uncle's Inn in Aomori.


  • Yuko Watanabe starts wearing pads in her bra.
  • April: A.I. Program No. 40 is created and given physical form.
  • May 5th: Hitoshi and Forty attempt to celebrate Boy's Day.
  • December 24th: Saati and Hitoshi have a fight when Saati believes that Hitoshi was playing hentai games instead of getting her a present for Christmas.
  • December: Hitoshi, Saati, Toeni and Forty spend Winter Vacation at the Kobe Onsen in Aomori.


  • February: Sayo Ishihara dies.
  • March 13th: Saati gains the memories of Sayo Ishihara by accidentally downloading her internet diary into her backup memory.
  • March 15th: Jinjou Elementary School is demolished.
  • Hitoshi, Saati, Toeni and Forty work part time for Namako and become involved in showcasing the Fighting Dolls arcade game.
  • Cynthia McDougal arrives in Japan on a study abroad program.
  • October: Cynthia takes charge of the class' school festival performance and appoints Hitoshi as her second.
  • November 3rd: Saati and Cynthia attempt to win Hitoshi during the school festival play.
  • Thinking that Hitoshi no longer needed her now that he had Cynthia, Saati attempts to erase herself by throwing her files into the Tama River. However, Hitoshi dives in after them.
  • Yayoi Kobe returns to Japan to visit her brother and attempts to "convince" him to come back with her to America.
  • Yayoi attempts to use the super computer to give life to A.I. Program No. 0 but inadvertantly creates Spider Zero.
  • Following Spider Zero's defeat, Hitoshi and the girls go with Yayoi to America.

One Month LaterEdit

  • Hitoshi, Saati, Toeni, Yayoi and Forty live at Cynthia's villa in Massachusetts.
  • Toeni makes it as a super model and supermarket spokeswoman and is in a relationship with Ma-kun.
  • Hitoshi works as an advanced research programmer in MIT.


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